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Creating & Collaborating Across Generations


We're Brockton's expert in all things black-owned. We  help increase the visibility of local black-owned businesses as well as black creatives, service-providers, and professionals. Checkout our Instagram @BlackOwnedBrockton and follow us to stay connected

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We've helped shape a movement and have ignite the BOB network- a group of more than 5,000 supporters- to increase the visibility of local black-owned businesses, service providers, and creatives. While helping sustain the current existence of black-owned business, we've also sparked a group of new and future entrepreneurs in/around the city of Champions


Since beginning this work in 2020, we've supported than 200 entrepreneurs, generated countless revenue to black-owned businesses, and have been part of the work to help make our city a more inclusive and all around better place to live.






Join Brockton's first Black Business Directory!

Small businesses are the glue in our city and shopping centers – they are what make Brockton stimulating and peculiar. Whether you shop in person, dine out, take out, or order online, keep it in the community! Our online directory makes it super easy to find services, merchants, and organizations within the city.