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Jellybeans Sweets

Catering, Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Jellybeans Sweets provides yummy homemade baked good for you and your family. We specialize in no bake cheesecake and pudding trifle flavors such as our top favorite Oreo Brownie, Banana Pudding and Reeses. We also have brownies, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. We love being able to bring happiness in a sweet way.

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Health Care, Spa & Beauty

Creating products that not only look good that make you feel good . With the power of aromatherapy our mission is to aide in healing through the sense of smell . Whether it’s our ‘birthday cake ‘candle creating nostalgia of your grandmothers infamous lemon cake or our ‘ eucalyptus & green tea ‘ candle bringing calm and clean vibes to your home . We are here to help , because “ Who said healing can’t be pretty ?”

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Mellow Vier

Photographer / Videographer / Podcast Production / Marketing

A Business Company focused primarily in photography, that has long been expanded to other forms of marketing. Such as; Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Social Media Management

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Art =

Arts, Attractions & Cultural

Art = (Equals) is the umbrella name for Artist Jamaal Bonnette’s art. Jamaal Bonnette is an Artist & Educator who makes custom wine glasses and paints multiple commissions. He also works with community organizations to create fun arts activities for kids in the community.


Mind Motives Consulting LLC

Special Education Tutoring & Consultation

Through coaching and consultation, Mind Motives works to remove the stigma and mystery of the special education process.
Whether you’re in the beginning stages of the special education process or already have an education plan in place, our vision is to improve learning experiences and positive outcomes for students.

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A Sistas’ Love LLC

Health Care, Spa & Beauty

We sell candles and wax melts. As well as other self-care & Skincare products such as body oils, bath salts, soap, body butter and more!